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About EaseMySchool

Ease My School is a free and dedicated School App that is completely in control of a school. Adopting Ease My School allows a school to communicate general notifications, daily attendence, class test results, student diary, examination results and school bus locations with the parents. In addition, it has a chat feature that enables teachers and parents to initiate chats with eachother regarding different subjects. Ease My School has also a built-in website system that allows us to make Schools websites available at very low costs and deliver them in only a few minutes. The websites are fully dynamic and schools are able to use the EMS Admin panel to reflect data on their websites. SMS facilities can also be availed through Ease My School and Admin panel can be used to communicate via SMS, if the need arises..


Push Notification

Push Notifications are common features that school Apps must have. This feature allows a school to communicate notifications with parents and teachers.


This feature allows a school to communicate examination results with the parents. Parents can view all the examination results of all their wards through a single account.

Students' Diaries

Schools know better what to communicate through students' diaries. This feature is available to the teachers in their respective accounts and they can write into the diary of a whole class or can filter the audience.

Class tests

This feature is avilable in the teachers' accounts. This allows them to communicate all the class test results with the parents.


using this feature both parents and teachers can initiate chats with eachother on different subjects on different threads. This decreases the parent rush at the school and allows a teacher to focus more on teaching than in engaging with discussions with parents at the school.

Bus tracking

This feature allows both parents and school Administration to keep track of the school bus. The parents are notified when the school bus is about to reach the bus stop and the school Administration can track locations of all its buses through their account.


This feature allows a parent to keep track of his/her ward's punctuality at the school. A teacher can update the attendence through his account which requires a teacher not more than a few minutes.

How The App Works?


In order to go live on EaseMySchool, a School needs to register itself on easemyschool.com and therein customize its account in the settings section of the App. A school can enter basic information about school, Chairman's Message etc and has to update its location, logos, banner images etc. Schools can choose a color theme of their choice.


After sucessful sign-up, a school needs to upload data which includes, Student data, Parent Information, Staff Information, Classes, Sections etc in a proper flow. During the process accounts get created automatically. The phone numbers registered are the user Id's of the respective parents and teachers for the app.

Communication with parents

Ask parents to download easemyschool from google play and login with their phone numbers and the default password that will be available to a school after signup.

Go Live

When parents have downloded the App, you can start communicating everything to them. Teachers can upload attendence, class tests etc from the App and Administration can send notifications, update examination results and fill transport related information.

Our Pricing Options

In addition to free features of the App, Schools can avail premium features like bus tracking and additional services like websites and branded Apps from easemyschool.


Rs. 200

Per bus permonth Plus

Rs. 5000 (one time setup charges)

Dynamic Website


One time

Branded School App

Rs. 20000

One time

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